• Heavenly Tubs has been a huge blessing for us both. My husband could no longer shower, now he can shower when he wants without help. They are so wonderful to come very timely.
    Sam & Marian Y.
  • I’m really enjoying my portable walk-in bathtub. Thank you.
    Sally D.
  • My mother loves her Portable Tub and we are so grateful to your staff for all of your help!
    Amy M.

Take a Bath with our Built-In Walk In Bathtubs

We talk to a lot of folks. Their life has changed a great deal over the last few years. Some tell us the thing they miss most is playing a round of golf. Others miss skiing for the day. Others miss hiking in nature. Some have lost their ability to drive and have even had to give up their car. Now they’re afraid they may have to give up the home they love.

But the one thing we hear the most is: “I really miss just laying in a nice warm bath, soaking, and relaxing.” So many have lost their strength, agility, and their ability to climb out of the bathtub, so they dare not risk getting in. “Now I have to shower and, truth be told, I really don’t like it,” most people say.
No wonder! Showering just doesn’t give you what you need, or want. How can you hang on to the rail with one hand and wash with the other? If you sit, how are you supposed to get those parts you really need to wash? It’s hard to even wash your feet when you are seated, and if you stand, you’re afraid you’ll slip and fall.

What if you could once again relax in a nice warm bath and feel good? What if you could enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy in the comfort of your home? What if you could have a walk-in tub at only the fraction of a bathroom remodel? Walk-in tubs allow thousands of people to enjoy the pleasures of bathing again on their own, without assistance. Walk-in tubs allow the user to take a relaxing warm bath without the obstacle of having to climb in or out.

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Built-In Walk-In Tubs

At Heavenly Tubs we pride ourselves on manufacturing and installing the highest quality walk-in tubs. In addition to manufacturing our walk in tubs, we offer full service and installation and customized attention with each bathroom complete