Portable Bathtubs for the Elderly and the Disabled

The problem with most bathtubs is that they’re built into the bathroom, making them inaccessible to the elderly and the handicapped. Our newly patented portable bathtub at Heavenly Walk-in Tubs is made for people with mobility challenges. We designed and made the tub to be accommodating to senior needs.

A Portable Solution to Daily Hygiene

These are portable bathtubs that are easy to use. You can move them to any room in the house where there’s enough space, so that older people and disabled individuals won’t have to walk. The tubs also come with fixtures, such as a faucet, shower head, and a Quick Connection Water Box. This will connect the water and drain lines to the plumbing outlets, as well as feature a temperature dial.

The portability of our bathtubs is a major benefit.

It means no remodeling needed, and in the event of a relocation, it will be much easier to move. It also makes the work of a caretaker, if you have one, much easier. The elderly’s daily hygiene needs are some of their most important tasks, and our portable bathtub will be a big help.

All of our portable bathtubs are already for sale. We have the standard walk-in tub, a deluxe portable hydrotherapy tub, and a standard portable soaker tub. Before you resort to renovating your bathroom, know that our excellent, cost-effective alternative addresses the needs of your grandparents or injured loved ones.

Warranties and Certifications

We pioneered the world’s first walk-in bathtub, but we wanted to ensure that it’s compliant to existing standards. As such, we have received the endorsements of TUV Rheinland, Intertek, and UL to strengthen our reputation for quality.

Every unit also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. As the first purchaser, you’re free from product defects under normal use. It covers (up to and including) the bathtub shell, frame door seal, and all supporting equipment.

If you’re looking for an immediate solution to a senior’s bathing needs, our financing will make the purchase happen as soon as possible. Heavenly Walk-in Tubs offers financing options, so you can afford our products comfortably.

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Portable Walk-In Tub Technological Diagram
Top-down view of tub


Built-in walk-in tub models are also available to be delivered direct to your home for construction.

portable walk-in tub


A walk-in tub is more than just a bathtub. A tub with built in hydrotherapy is a great way to relieve aches and pains.

Portable tub next to bed


You may not need to remodel your bathroom. A Portable Walk-In Tub can be used in any room of your home.


bathroom renovation

Avoid the Cost of a Remodel

All other walk-in tubs on the market today are designed to be built-in to the space where your existing bathtub is. This means an extensive tear out of your existing tub and a costly bathroom remodel. Portable Walk-In Tubs offer you the complete freedom and ability to enjoy a tranquil bath and is the best alternative to a complete bathroom remodel.

The Bathroom Can Be Dangerous

Getting in or out of a tub or shower can be very dangerous. Slipping on wet shower or tub surfaces, or wet floors is where the most danger can occur. One of the main reasons people have to move into an assisted living center of nursing home is when bathing at home safely becomes an issue.


Portable Walk-In Tub

Heavenly Tubs is proud to offer the world’s first Portable Walk-In Tubs! Heavenly Portable Walk-In Tubs are designed to be used in any room of your home. Heavenly Portable Tubs are developed and designed to allow for unassisted or minimal assistance during bathing.

Affordable Pricing

Since our inception we have pioneered an entirely new concept in walk-in bathtubs; we are the only maker and manufacturer of Portable Walk-In Tubs.

Our mission is to enrich our customers’ independence, quality of life and safety by providing an enjoyable bathing experience in their most comfortable environment at an affordable price.

Delivered Direct

Heavenly Tubs may also be ordered in built-in or portable models online at our website and shipped direct to your home for a new construction project.

Visit our pricing page for more information about built-in or Portable Walk-In Tubs.


Since our beginning we have spearheaded a totally new idea in walk-in bathtubs; we are the world’s first producer and maker of Portable Walk-In Tubs. When we initially entered the walk-in tub industry we immediately acknowledged there was a need for a new progressive item. A large number of our potential clients had an uncommon requirement for a walk-in tub that was not built-in to their home, and this is the point at which we chose to outline the versatile Portable Walk-In Tub.


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