Although the bathroom is an essential place for cleaning, relaxing, and using the toilet, as we get older it can be a dangerous environment. In fact, for senior and disabled members of society, the bathroom can become a place associated with accidents including slips and falls. For years, the team of experienced professionals at Heavenly Walk-In Tubs have been making life easier for both senior and disabled customers with our revolutionary portable walk-in tubs.

Although our portable walk-in tubs make life easier for thousands of people every year, we’ve collated some extra tips to help you have a safer experience in the bathroom.

Slip Resistant Bars and Walk-In Tubs

By installing slip resistant grab bars in a bathroom, you can provide additional firm support for seniors to ensure that they can hold on tight as they enter and exit the tub. Upgrading to a walk-in tub or regularly using a stand-up shower is much safer than having to climb over a threshold for many elderly or disabled individuals.

Use Non-Slip Shower Chairs, Mats, and Rugs

Non-slip shower chairs have rubber stoppers at the end of their legs to prevent them from slipping when the shower or bathroom floor is wet. These, combined with the installation of a handheld shower, eliminate the need to stand up when getting washed. Non-slip mats or rugs can be placed in front of the toilet, sink, and shower to further prevent accidents from occurring.

Raised Toilet Seats With Grab Bars and Clearly Marked Faucets

By switching to a raised toilet seat with grab bars, you can benefit from additional support when sitting down or standing up for the toilet. Also, by clearly marking the hot and cold taps, you can avoid scalding and burns in those prone to forgetting which tap provides which temperature range.

Install Brighter Lights with Accessible Switches

By installing brighter lights in the bathroom, you can drastically improve the visibility of a wet floor or any other hazards. Many accidents occur when people are navigating their way to the bathroom in darkness.

Store All Toiletries Within Reach

Ensure that all soap, shampoo, toothpaste, towels, etc., are well within reach. This can be very helpful in avoiding confusion or overexertion. Also, make time to avoid any unnecessary clutter that may have mounted up over time.

By following all the tips mentioned above you can avoid any pitfalls and hazards that seniors and disabled homeowners can face in the bathroom.