The Heavenly Tubs team has helped many families improve the appearance, safety, and accessibility of their home bathrooms by installing beautiful walk-in bathtubs. These bathtubs might look a little different than what many people are used to; for this reason, it can be hard to imagine how one might look inside a bathroom or how one could be accessorized to make it a comfortable and welcoming place to be. There are actually many ways to enhance new Heavenly Walk-in Tubs; here are a few ideas to help spark inspiration.

Traction Stickers and Bath Mats

Today’s walk-in bathtubs are sometimes designed with textures to improve traction and enhance the comfort of users. If these are inadequate, simply add some traction stickers. These can be purchased at any bath or home supply store; many department stores also stock them. Look for designer colors and shapes that correspond with y our bathroom’s theme.

Bath mats can be added to bathtub surfaces to add a little extra traction and cushion. These are made of durable vinyl so they are easy to clean and store. Simply place the dry mat on a bathtub surface, press firmly to activate the suction cups, and turn on the water.

Bath Caddies

Shelves, racks, and other storage solutions are utilized to keep bathing necessities clean and organized. Use caddies to store items such as:

  • Loofas and scrub brushes
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Body wash and soap
  • Shaving cream and safety razors
  • Scented bath oils, bath beads, and other water additives

Many caddies are made from high quality metal and feature casters. This allows bathers to move the caddy into optimal position when preparing for a bath and then slide it out of the way when finished.

Explore the Possibilities

The Heavenly Walk-in Tub team is here to help you design the perfect bathroom. Let us know if you would like know about different bathtub styles.