Additional Comfort Items to Complement Portable Bathtubs, Part 1

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September 24, 2019
comfort complement portable bathtubs
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October 29, 2019
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Additional Comfort Items to Complement Portable Bathtubs, Part 1

comfort complement portable bathtubs

At Heavenly Walk-In Tubs, we’re proud to offer a variety of portable bathtubs for those in need. This pioneering creation that was made in-house is a huge help to many seniors and others with mobility issues, helping accommodate their bathtub placement and convenience needs to eliminate the requirement for a bathroom remodel.

Our portable walk-in tubs also come with several convenience and comfort fixtures, such as doors for easier entry and other safety accommodations. In addition to these, there are a wide variety of potential assists that some seniors or caregivers choose to place in the bathroom for additional assistance, whether in terms of getting into the tub, staying comfortable within it or maintaining posture during bathing. This multi-part blog will go over the large range of assists you might look to in this realm.

Swivel Chairs

A common item used within the bathtub for many seniors or those with mobility issues is a chair, and one type that’s especially beneficia is a sliding swivel chair. This is a specially-designed option that has a seat that slides and/or swivels, allowing the user to turn the chair to face the outside of the tub while they sit down, just like a normal chair. The seat then allows the user to slide back into the tub and face the showerhead.

Swivel chairs range from $250-$350 in most cases, and are valuable because no formal installation is required. These chairs are fully contained within the tub, meaning they will not impact space concerns within the rest of the bathroom in any way. There are even models that clip to the tub wall, which are very stable and unlikely to tip or sway.

Sliding Swivel Benches

A similar product to the swivel chair is the swivel bench, which differs in a few important ways: It’s free-standing for one, and it also has a seat that can be adjusted by height to accommodate varying needs. It also should be noted that these benches do have legs that sit on the floor outside the tub, meaning they are not self-contained like swivel chairs.

Many of the other benefits, however, remain the same. No formal installation is needed, plus the adjustable height is great for people who are taller than normal. These options are best for square-bottom tubs that allow the legs to sit evenly.

Lift Chairs

For those who struggle with the raising and lowering involved in getting in and out of the portable tub, a battery-operated lift chair is often a great outlet. These are a bit pricier than swivel options due to their battery and mechanical components, but they require no installation and allow seniors to easily sit down and be lowered into the tub. Note that the lift is not firmly fixed to anything, so it may wiggle a bit, and the batteries will regularly need to be charged or replaced.

For more on additional movement and comfort assists for your portable bathtub, or to learn about any of our tub options, speak to the staff at Heavenly Walk-In Tubs today.