At Heavenly Walk-In Tubs, we’re proud of the benefits our walk-in bathtubs provide to seniors and others with mobility issues. Our portable walk-in tubs are fantastic for everything from safety to comfort, and they’re also great for hydrotherapy to help with aches and pains in several areas of the body.

Maybe the most common area of the body that this benefits for some seniors is the back, which can pose many issues for people at an advanced age. Along with some therapeutic hydrotherapy from one of our tubs, here are some basic stretches we can recommend for the back.

Child’s Pose

Maybe the most well-known yoga pose in the world, child’s pose is a very easy and simple pose that can release tension from the lower back. It involves getting on all fours on a comfortable mat or soft surface, then sit your hips back while stretching your arms out in front of you. From here, get your rear end as close to your feet as you can – the back should round up as you stretch, and you should feel a tension release coming from the lower back.

If you have trouble getting into child’s pose fully, there are modifications. If you can’t get your hips close to your heels, just stretch the arms forward or widen the knees for a similar effect. If you find your neck straining, rest it on a yoga block.


Chair Back Twist

This is a stretch where you sit up in a chair, place both arms straight up over your head, then bring them down to your left side. Then repeat this on the right side, moving slowly and breathing well all the while. While doing this, look to the same side that your arms are on to help stretch the neck.


Cat-Cow Pose

This is another yoga pose that involves getting on all fours, then gently arching the back away from you – this is cat. From here, you then drop your spine and arch the back into a reverse-C shape, looking up to the ceiling – this is cow. Alternate between the two to get a full range of motion.


Lying Knee Twist

This is a slightly tougher stretch, similar to the back twist but on the floor instead of on a chair. First lie flat on the ground facing up, with your arms spread to each side in a T-shape. Bend the right knee and let it fall to the left side while keeping your left knee straight – then repeat this on the other side. To deepen the stretch, you can bend both legs at the same time and move them from side to side while lying down.

For more on stretches that can complement the hydrotherapy benefits of our tubs, or to learn more about any of our portable walk-in bathtubs, speak to the pros at Heavenly Walk-In Tubs today.