For a wide range of people who deal with everything from everyday aches and pains to specific pain conditions, hydrotherapy is a fantastic concept that’s becoming more and more popular in recent years. A broad category that includes the use of water for several vital treatment areas for numerous conditions, hydrotherapy is a treatment that can be done both on one’s own at home and through specific programs featuring medical staff.

At Heavenly Walk-In Tubs, we’re proud to offer several options for portable hydrotherapy tub solutions. In this two-part blog, we’ll go over everything you need to understand about hydrotherapy before purchasing such a tub, including the basics and benefits of this treatment plus some tips on preparing for individual hydrotherapy sessions when the time comes.

Defining Hydrotherapy Baths

Hydrotherapy, as we noted, is a wide category that includes any use of water to treat symptoms of various physical conditions. These conditions may be as relatively minor as regular aches and pains following activity, or could be as specific and severe as arthritis, paralysis or other major muscle conditions.

Hydrotherapy is a concept that goes back thousands of years, first used by ancient civilizations like the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. It helps increase blood circulation while also massaging important areas, and can have several more specific benefits as well (more on this below).

Who They’re For

Many groups of people can be impacted by hydrotherapy, though some of those that most frequently utilize it are seniors or those with disabilities or movement issues. It’s also utilized heavily by athletes or those who are employed in areas where physical activity is a regular demand, such as in construction or similar industries. Essentially, anyone who deals with regular pain, whether it’s to muscles, joints, tendons, bones or even tissue areas, might be able to benefit from some area of hydrotherapy.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy Baths

Some specific results many people see after taking part in hydrotherapy, whether a single session or repeated sessions over periods of time:

  • Pain reduction: One of the simplest and most common benefits of hydrotherapy is decreasing or even eliminating pain from common areas, either temporarily or, ideally, permanently.
  • Lowering stress: In many other cases, people use hydrotherapy primarily to fight against stress. Water jets and warm temperatures promote relaxation, and can even be used as meditation guides for some people looking to unwind.
  • Muscle benefits: Hydrotherapy will help with both relieving specific muscle tension and rehabilitating muscles that have been injured.
  • Immune system boost: In several distinct ways, hydrotherapy can lower the stress on your body’s immune system and generally increase its effectiveness, even if this isn’t the primary goal of these treatments.

For more on the benefits of hydrotherapy or how to prepare for a session, or to learn about any of our walk-in bathtubs, speak to the staff at Heavenly Walk-In Tubs today.