Basics on Blood Circulation, and How Walk-In Tubs Can Help

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Basics on Blood Circulation, and How Walk-In Tubs Can Help

blood circulation walk-in tubs

At Heavenly Walk-In Tubs, we’re proud to offer a wide variety of walk-in bathtubs that hold several potential benefits for their users. From numerous safety improvements for those who struggle with movement to hydrotherapy functions for those looking for assistance with pain or other physical symptoms, our deluxe walk-in tubs can be used in a few different major ways.

One common buzzword that our products hold multiple potential benefits in: Blood circulation, which is an important part of human health and comfort in several areas. Let’s go over why circulation is important to begin with, some tips on lifestyle and circulation, and how walk-in tubs and other solutions may be able to help if you or a loved one has circulation problems.

Importance of Blood Circulation

Blood in the body, and therefore the circulation of it to various parts of the body as well, is meant to bring oxygen and nutrients to important areas. The heart is in charge of this system, pumping blood throughout blood vessels all over the body in what’s called the circulatory system.

When circulation is poor or limited for any reason, these nutrients and oxygen molecules will arrive at certain areas more slowly, or even not at all in rare cases. This can threaten your health in several ways, from creating pain and discomfort to larger concerns that may require long-term care.

Lifestyle and Circulation

In many cases, basic changes to lifestyle can help improve your circulation if it’s suffering. Here are some areas to think about:

  • Exercise: Not only should you consider exercising more often, you can target certain exercises specifically to circulation. Areas like yoga, stretching and similar avenues all have specific circulation-related benefits, plus are easy to perform virtually anywhere and at any time.
  • Weight: Particularly for women, being overweight can have negative effects on circulation. Maintaining healthy weight will help limit these issues.
  • Diet: To improve circulation, promote oily fish options like tuna, salmon and mackerel. These improve circulation and cardiovascular health through high quantities of omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Smoking: Smoking narrows the body’s blood vessels, a proven form of limiting circulation. Quitting smoking can go a long way here.
  • Iron levels: Iron is good for blood circulation, but too much in your diet can have a negative impact on your heart health. Speak to your doctor about how much iron you should have in your diet.

Solutions to Poor Circulation Issues

Some general approaches people take to directly deal with circulation problems:

  • Bathing and hydrotherapy: Hydrotherapy bathing sessions are known to have specific impacts on blood flow throughout the body, particularly in the legs.
  • Compression garments: Compression socks and other garments help with blood flow, as well as varicose veins and other venous issues.
  • Surgery: In extreme circulation problem cases, you may speak to your doctor about endoscopic or laser surgery to address veins and circulation.

For more on how hydrotherapy and walk-in tubs can assist with circulation concerns, or to learn about any of our walk-in bathtub options, speak to the staff at Heavenly Walk-In Tubs today.