Among the many amazing features of a portable bathtub for seniors or those with disabilities is the way water is sealed in. Slips and falls are a big cause of injury in seniors, and walk-in tubs that allow for easier entry and exit while also eliminating issues of loose water that could lead to falls are a major asset in this area.

At Heavenly Walk-In Tubs, our portable bathtub options come with excellent water sealing technology backed by a great warranty. Let’s look at some of the different technologies used in sealing a portable tub.

Double Seal

The most common type of water seal for a portable bathtub is a double seal, which allows it to hold large quantities of water without leakage. The double seal has two full layers of prevention from leakage, meaning that even if one fails, the other is still keeping water inside.

Water Level

Rather than simply preventing the weight of water from becoming too much and causing leaks, portable tubs actually use this weight to their advantage. The enclosure within a double seal acts as additional weight, keeping the door itself closed and preventing leaks. This means that users need to know the suggested water level – filling it past these limits might lead to issues. As long as these levels are properly adhered to and the door is shut tightly before water is turned on, you’ll have a strong, watertight seal.


Most walk-in tubs also have latches, and these are perfect in case of emergencies if the user needs to quickly get out of the tub. Just to make sure that there are no leaking issues here, however, most models will have a double gasket and fixed hinges that run through the entire door.

For more on the features that keep water sealed in your portable tub, or to learn about any of our products, speak to the pros at Heavenly Walk-In Tubs today.