Seniors may go through various changes as they become older, and in some cases, one of these is a general reluctance to bathe. Some seniors become embarrassed or struggle with self-esteem issues, while others may struggle with physical elements of bathing.

At Heavenly Walk-In Tubs, our safety tubs are designed to make this process as easy as possible for the elderly and remove any roadblocks in their way. There may still be some seniors who are reticent to bathe even once they’ve had one of our portable bathtubs installed, however, and as a caretaker, you can do a few things to help motivate them. Here are a few common tactics some people have found success with.

Participate With Them

If you’re caring for your spouse or someone where there’s enough mutual comfort, consider showering or bathing with them. Coax them into the bathroom, and help them with actual bathing tasks if necessary. Try to buy the things they like – brands, smells, colors or accessories. This comfort and camaraderie can go a long way for some seniors.

Find the Right Activities

In other cases, a senior may be reticent to bathe unless there’s a specific event or activity taking place. If this is something simple and easy, like a meal at a favorite restaurant, consider scheduling this weekly or bi-weekly to make sure you have a guaranteed bathing date. If bathing becomes a serious problem, you can consider telling them an event is the next day just to get them to bathe.

Specific Motivation and Patience

Some seniors simply require consistent motivation and praise during the bathing experience. You may have to move with them from their room to the bathroom, and spend time repeating verbal cues and encouragement. Praise their ability to manage tasks on their own, and make sure you’re patient if there are any language or thinking barriers.

Doctor Aid

In some tougher cases, a senior might be completely reluctant to bathe unless they receive specific direction from a doctor. This is generally one of the last options to look to.

In-Home Assistance

Often the final option will be hiring specific in-home help, whether it’s just for bathing or for several areas. Professionally trained caregivers might be able to reach a senior in ways family can’t, and they’ll also help with many other basic tasks that could be a struggle.

To learn more about tips to keep seniors motivated for bathing, or to find out about any of our portable tubs for the elderly, speak to the experts at Heavenly Walk-In Tubs today.