Bathroom Safety Upgrades to Supplement Walk-In Bathtubs

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July 5, 2019
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Bathroom Safety Upgrades to Supplement Walk-In Bathtubs

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There are several distinct potential benefits that come along with owning a portable walk-in bathtub, and one of the primary such benefits is safety. Walk-in bathtubs are perfect for seniors and others who may have movement or balance issues that threaten their general safety when in a room like the bathroom, helping them bathe safely, comfortably and without stress.

At Heavenly Walk-In Tubs, we offer a variety of walk-in bathtub options for you or a loved one struggling with safety in the bathroom. On top of installing one of our portable tub options and utilizing their many safety upgrades, what are some other tactics you can take to make the bathroom space safer? Here are a few basic areas to consider.

Easy-to-Reach Essentials

For starters, consider the essential items needed by anyone with movement or balance issues who uses the bathroom space. Items like shampoo, conditioner and bodywash within the bath or shower area, for instance, should be close enough that they can be reached without any major reaching or bending required – no strain whatsoever should be needed.

In many cases, this means installing a basic caddy in an easy-to-reach area, one that contains all the major needed elements. Other setups may do well with wall dispensers for certain products, eliminating the need for holding bottles that may slip and cause accidents.

Improving Traction

One of the top safety elements of a walk-in bathtub? The non-slip surface, which allows for proper traction and ease of entry or exit without risking slipping or falling.

And guess what? That traction does not have to be limited to the tub alone. Non-slip mats are available at any home improvement store, and can be placed throughout other potential slip areas in the bathroom. There are even non-slip rugs you can purchase if you want to combine style and safety here.

Grab Bars for Balance

Many portable walk-in tubs also have grab bars to improve their safety, and these are another element you can include in other areas of the bathroom as well. These can be installed easily virtually anywhere in the room, removing the need for seniors or others to grab onto a towel bar or rack for balance – items that aren’t actually meant to hold their weight.

Raised Toilet Seat

For many seniors, bending the knees too far while attempting to sit can lead to falls or other dangers. In these cases, raised toilet seats can be installed, along with handles that make sitting and standing far easier. These are affordable upgrades that not only limit the risk of falls, but also improve comfort and convenience for seniors using the bathroom.

For more on how you can supplement a walk-in tub with other safety areas in the bathroom, or to learn about any of our safety tubs, speak to the staff at Heavenly Walk-In Tubs today.