At Heavenly Walk-In Tubs, many of our finest portable and safety tubs involve the use of acrylic materials. This is just one of several options on the market for bathtub materials, and it’s the material of choice for our deluxe products and many others.

How can an acrylic surface benefit you, and specifically, how can it benefit a senior or loved one with a disability? Let’s take a look.

Heat Retaining Properties

Heat is a huge and obvious part of the hydrotherapy process, so for people who use their tub for health benefits as well as safety, this is a big deal. Acrylic tubs have a smooth, nonporous surface, meaning they retain heat easily and are naturally warm to the touch. They’ll stay warm naturally for longer periods than other materials will.


Acrylic surfaces are incredibly durable, far more than many other common products used for bathtubs. For starters, acrylics are naturally resistant to mold and bacteria – in the bathtub, where these kinds of contaminants are common due to the kinds of moisture they commonly fester in, this is an important consideration. Particularly for seniors, who may have weakened or compromised immune systems, making sure these contaminants don’t have easy access is important.

In addition, acrylics are more resistant to various wear and tear items, including the sort of cracks and fading commonly caused by running water over time. If you care about getting the best value for your money, acrylic materials are often the way to go.


This is more of an aesthetic thing, but comfort is always very important for seniors as well, and acrylics offer many options here. Acrylic comes in sheets that are soft and malleable, meaning acrylic bathtubs can be made in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and colors. An assortment is always available for your selection.

Want to learn more about acrylic material, or any of our walk-in bathtub services? The experts at Heavenly Walk-In Tubs are here to help.