At Heavenly Walk-In Tubs, our portable tubs are designed not only to allow safe bathing and movement for seniors and people who struggle with movement, but also for another vital purpose: Hydrotherapy. Our Basic and Deluxe Hydrotherapy walk-in tubs are meant to keep you or a loved on safe while bathing, but also to promote healing and overall bodily wellness.

We’re using the ancient power of warm water pain therapy, one of the world’s oldest forms of pain treatment. How is warm water therapy associated with pain relief and other wellness, and what are some things you can do at home to add to the benefits? Let’s take a look.

Water Benefits

Warm water has several major health benefits. It’s known to reduce the force of gravity that’s compressing joints or muscles, often one of the largest factors in causing pain. It can also provide limbs with 360-degree support, plus decrease swelling and inflammation. Often best of all, warm water helps increase circulation, which can promote healing in several areas of the body.

The Right Range

In most cases, water temperatures between 92 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit is the optimal range. Anyone with cardiovascular issues should likely shoot for the lower end of that range, or even maybe a bit lower to be safe – warm water can stress the heart for some people. Anything over 104 degrees Fahrenheit is unsafe for all people.


Soaking in warm water has many therapeutic benefits on its own, but any movement you can introduce can help even more. Everything from gentle stretching while seated to aerobic exercises can be helpful, and many people use walk-in bathtubs for bits of rehabilitation like tennis ball rolling exercises. Stretching after a bath can also be a great way to keep muscles loose and healthy.


Magnesium is a mineral that’s vital for bone and heart health, but many Americans don’t get enough of it. Epsom salts are common bath additives that contain a high level of magnesium sulfate crystals – they’re cheap and easy to find, and also often offer comfort benefits within the bath for many people. Be careful with these if you have diabetes, and don’t use them for every bath – occasional use is the best way to capitalize on their benefits without overdoing it.

Want to learn more about this, or any of our other portable hydrotherapy products? Speak to the experts at Heavenly Walk-In Tubs today.