Healing Benefits of Walk-In Tubs

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Healing Benefits of Walk-In Tubs

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For many who have used them before, the primary benefit of our portable walk-in tubs at Heavenly Walk-In Tubs is the safety they offer. Many seniors deal with mobility and balance issues, and the bathroom is one of the biggest concern areas here due to moisture and slippery surfaces – our walk-in bathtubs help alleviate any related worries.

Another huge benefit of our tubs, however, is the healing properties they possess. Warm water has been used for thousands of years to help with the body’s natural healing processes, and can have a positive impact on numerous conditions that may be present for seniors. Let’s look at several different areas where these healing properties can help.

Heart Health

One of the most common tactics for those who deal with heart issues is cardio fitness – the right little bits of cardio can help improve heart rate while lowering blood pressure, which can benefit people at risk for heart attacks and stroke. Did you know, though, that warm water can achieve many of the same effects?

That’s right, recent research has shown that soaking in warm water provides a similar effect on the heart as moderate cardio exercise. For people who struggle to exercise, or for those who may find their heart is strained by even moderate cardio, this is a fantastic alternative.


For those suffering from Type II diabetes, the hydrotherapy tub can be a huge benefit. Research has shown that not only does soaking in a warm bath reduce blood sugar levels by over 10 percent, it also helps reduce stress – and stress has been directly linked with blood sugar levels as well.


Nearly 40 million Americans deal with arthritis, many of them seniors. Arthritis refers to pain in joints and muscles in various areas of the body, but there’s years of evidence showing that warm water soaks relieves much of the pressure on joints that leads to arthritis pain. Warm water keeps the joints more flexible and also helps stop them from compressing, which is often one of the causes of arthritis pain. Tubs with jets are particularly beneficial for arthritis sufferers.

Alzheimer’s Disease

While we can’t claim hydrotherapy tubs will help cure Alzheimer’s disease (unfortunately there is no known cure), they can absolutely be a huge benefit for those dealing with this condition. Many with Alzheimer’s experience regular fears and anxiety, often in areas like the bathtub or bathroom. A comfortable seated tub allows seniors security and privacy while bathing, all in a safe environment that makes it easy for them to move around.

Basic Relaxation

Finally, one of the most common issues seniors deal with is basic aches and pains – and wouldn’t you know it, warm water soaks help here too. They can help relax both the mind and body, a great asset for seniors who have sleep issues or struggle with anxiety. This kind of relaxation can also lower blood pressure levels while boosting immune function, metabolism and heart health.

For more on the healing properties of walk-in tubs, or to learn about any of our tubs for the elderly, speak to the staff at Heavenly Walk-In Tubs today.