At Heavenly Walk-In Tubs, we’re proud to offer comprehensive services and assistance when it comes to our portable walk-in hydrotherapy tubs for seniors and others with mobility issues. We’ve provided quality walk-in bathtub solutions to numerous individuals and households, helping make bathing safer, more comfortable and more convenient for those who are aging or dealing with movement concerns.

One of the single most common lines of questioning we get from our clients and their loved ones: When is the right time to transition to a walk-in tub option? The answer will depend on several factors depending on your individual circumstances. That said, here are a few common situations where homeowners with senior or handicapped loved ones often realize it’s the right time to make this transition.

Simple Aging and Comfort

The most common single reason for installing a walk-in bathtub is that someone in the household, most often a senior reaching a certain point in their aging process, is beginning to develop mobility issues. These concerns may range from aching joints and muscles to major bone and movement concerns, including those that make it much more difficult to get into and out of the bathtub or shower – and make slips and falls a far greater risk while doing so.

Walk-in tubs remove all these risks while increasing bathing comfort and convenience. They come with important tools like grab bars and non-slip surfaces to keep users safe, plus hydrotherapy features known to improve numerous bodily pain and ache areas. If you or a loved one in the home are beginning to develop such issues, particularly surrounding bathing, it may be time to consider a portable walk-in tub.

Family Member Move-In

In other cases, a family member with such concerns may be moving into your home for the first time. Many younger generations will invite a parent to move in with them to help keep them comfortable and healthy, and if this individual deals with movement or chronic pain issues, this move might be the ideal time to install a walk-in tub that will benefit them.

Bathroom Renovation

If you’ve long been thinking about a walk-in tub option but have just never had the ideal opportunity, an upcoming bathroom renovation often serves as the perfect chance. If you’ve grown weary of bathroom décor or designs and want to update them, use this opportunity to add a walk-in tub – perhaps you’re already seeing the early signs of aging in yourself or someone else in the home, or you’ve been dealing with some chronic pain issues and think hydrotherapy might benefit you.

For more on the ideal time to install a new walk-in bathtub, or to learn about any of our walk-in tubs for seniors and others, speak to the staff at Heavenly Walk-In Tubs today.