At Heavenly Walk-In Tubs, one of the primary purposes of our portable tubs is safety. Our safety bathtubs help seniors and those with disabilities bathe in comfort and privacy without worrying about their safety.

If bathroom safety is a big priority for you or a loved one, there are several other tactics you can take to help improve it. Some of these are remodeling-type items, and others are just basic habits to get into. Here are a few tips.

Taller Toilet

Standard toilets have a bowl height of about 15 inches, but many manufacturers now have models that are a couple inches higher. For seniors who may struggle with sitting down and standing up, this makes using the toilet much less stressful. Many manufacturers even offer customizable “Right Height” toilets.

Medical Alert Button

Most slips and falls that seniors go through take place in the bathroom, and in some cases, they’re unable to reach help afterwards. Keeping a medical alert button near the toilet is a good idea, allowing seniors to summon help right away if it’s needed.

Accessible Storage

Whenever possible, keep bathing and grooming accessories stored neatly and out of the way in a bathroom a senior regularly uses. This will help reduce trips and falls, and will make getting around in a wheelchair much simpler. Keep both accessibility and functionality in mind while planning bathroom storage.

Reduce Glare

High-gloss paints and tiles can produce a glare that’s uncomfortable on the eyes for many seniors, so consider matte finishes if visibility is a regular issue. Choose wall and floor patterns that contrast, as another way to increase visual perception of space and help seniors feel more comfortable as they’re moving around the bathroom.

To learn more about making the bathroom as safe as possible for a loved one, or to find out more about our safety tubs, speak to the experts at Heavenly Walk-In Tubs today.