Luxury Accessibility and Comfort Holiday Gifts for Seniors

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Luxury Accessibility and Comfort Holiday Gifts for Seniors

luxury comfort holiday gifts seniors

With the holidays approaching, many people who have senior friends or loved ones will be looking for a great gift to purchase. There are several areas you might consider here, from entertainment themes to practical gifts that help make daily life a little simpler with aging.

At Heavenly Walk-In Tubs, we offer a wide range of portable walk-in tubs that make for a wonderful luxury holiday gift for a senior family member. Let’s look at several luxury gift ideas for seniors that also relate to movement or accessibility areas, helping with retained independence and daily comfort in several important areas.

Walkers or Canes

Many people think of walkers or canes as chunks of clunky metal, but the reality is that modern such products are anything but. Consider a rollator walker, for instance, which is known for its light weight and ease of maneuvering. This option also comes with a simple seat and backrest for rest breaks. If applicable, you can also purchase accompanying walker ski glides, which limit any legs catching on carpets and make operation even easier.

In addition, consider one of several cane options available for those who might not quite need a walker yet. There are many out there that increase stability and decrease falling risks.

Standing Aid

For many seniors, one of the biggest struggles within everyday life is the strain of getting into and out of vehicles. For those in this position, a standing aid is a fantastic product that eases the burden during this process, helping make getting into and out of the car a breeze no matter the senior’s mobility issues.

Grab Bar or Poles

If balance is a concern for your senior loved one, there are great tension pole or grab bar options available for virtually any area of a home or building. Many of these do not require any professional installation, instead utilizing simple formats that allow you to help your loved one place them anywhere they might need a helping hand. You can use these in the bathroom, but also in other areas like hallways, staircases and many others.

Ride-Share Gift Cards

Many older adults lose their ability to drive safely well before their desire to go out and be active wanes, and for those in this position, ride-share services like Lyft or Uber are extremely valuable. Consider a gift card to one of these services, plus an in-person intro on what they are and how they work.

If your loved one does not use a smartphone and has no interest in doing so, consider a service like GoGoGrandparent, which requires no app and offers many of the same on-demand ride services.

Portable Walk-In Bathtub

Finally, few luxury gifts are as valuable or as permanent for a senior as one of our portable walk-in bathtubs. These items come with several deluxe options that not only make bathing safer, but also make it far more comfortable and convenient.

For more on luxury accessibility or safety gifts for your senior loved one this holiday season, or to learn about any of our walk-in bathtubs, speak to the staff at Heavenly Walk-In Tubs today.