Planning Ahead to Find a Perfect Senior Retirement Home

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Planning Ahead to Find a Perfect Senior Retirement Home

planning senior retirement home

At Heavenly Walk-In Tubs, seniors are one of the groups we serve most commonly, and one of our biggest areas of pride. Our portable walk-in bathtubs help the elderly bathe in comfort and safety, retaining a vital area of independence for many years.

We’re highly dedicated to senior comfort and independence, themes that span numerous important areas. One such vital area that comes up for many people as they age: The potential transition into a senior living facility, including finding the perfect retirement home to fit every need a senior may have. Whether you’re an elderly person beginning this search or a caregiver assisting someone else, here are some general themes to think about.

Types of Senior Living

Firstly, it’s important to understand the types of senior living assistance that are available. There are a variety of such options, from senior apartments and independent living formats to assisted living, memory care and many others. Here are some general formats to consider based on the condition you’re in as a senior:

  • Active, healthy seniors: Those who are still in good physical condition and can perform their basic daily tasks on their own often do well in 55-and-over apartments or independent living facilities. These have additional services for seniors, including emergency care, but are also designed to let residents live their own lives.
  • Seniors who require daily support: Those who need help with daily life should look to assisted living, memory care and other nursing homes where such care is provided.
  • Home living: In other cases, seniors may prefer to remain in their own home and receive home care, respite care or adult day care.

Take a Tour

If you’re unsure which kind of facility is right for you or your loved one, or if you just want to compare a couple similar facilities, schedule a tour that such locations will be happy to provide. Look into factors ranging from safety features and services to staff friendliness, meal selection and other daily details. In addition, ask about whether renter’s insurance is needed and consider important financial questions as well.

Costs and Payment

Speaking of cost areas, it’s important to go over the basic charges and how they will be paid. Some may be able to use long-term care insurance or veteran’s benefits to pay for their care, while others may need to utilize savings or support from family members. There are still other situations where Medicaid will handle many or all of the costs. Regardless, this should be part of the conversation.

For more on choosing the perfect retirement home as a senior, or to learn about any of our walk-in bathtubs and how they play one role in increasing senior comfort and safety, speak to the staff at Heavenly Walk-In Tubs today.