At Heavenly Walk-In Tubs, we’re proud of the numerous benefits our portable hydrotherapy tub options can offer to seniors and others who have movement issues. Whether it’s pain relief, lower stress when bathing or a simple rise in confidence, we’ve helped a huge number of seniors become more comfortable and safe while bathing.

Did you realize, though, that our tubs have benefits that go beyond comfort and safety? One big area here is dry skin, which can be an issue for many seniors. Let’s look at how common this issue is among seniors, plus how a portable walk-in tub can help.

Seniors and Dry Skin

Roughly three in four seniors deals with dry, flaky skin at some point during their aging process. This can interfere with basic tasks involving the hands or skin, particularly during the colder winter season when things get drier. In addition, dry skin leaves seniors more susceptible to infections.

Refreshed skin, on the other hand, can bring comfort that many seniors aren’t used to after years of dealing with dry skin. Beyond lowering infection risk, smoother and moist skin can improve self-esteem and make it easier to perform tasks. How does a portable tub help here?

Jets and Oxygen

A walk-in bathtub is designed with features that specifically benefit dry skin. Namely, the jets that shoot out water many think is just for hydrotherapy? Those same jets infuse oxygen into what they propel onto the skin, helping remove dead skin flakes and restore moisture. These jets can be used for any area of the body.

Heating Pads

In addition to jets, all our tubs come with heating pads. These make sure the skin isn’t stressed by changes in temperature, and they also prevent overheating as a safety feature.

Cleaning System

All our tubs also have built-in cleaning systems that take time to ensure water has no bacteria, fungi or other contaminants in it. This makes the risk of skin infection in those with dry skin far lower, all without you doing any actual extra work yourself.

For more on how a walk-in tub can benefit seniors with dry skin, or for any of our other portable tub services or offerings, speak to the staff at Heavenly Walk-In Tubs today.