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Standard Portable Soaker Walk-In Tub
September 9, 2015
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September 15, 2016
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Deluxe Portable Hydrotherapy Walk-In Tub


Dimensions: 52L x 29W x 39H



Portable Walk-In Tub Technological Diagram


Our revolutionary Quick Connect Box allows the tub to use your hones water and drain supply lines.

A Heavenly Tubs Quick Connect Box allows the tub to use your homes water and drain supply lines.Our revolutionary Quick Connect Box may be installed into your homes existing water and drain supply lines. This small box can easily be installed into your home in a short amount of time.

This one-of-a-kind approach allows the tub to fill and drain with the provided water and drain hoses allowing you to bathe from virtually anywhere in your home.

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Portable Walk-In Tubs may also be used with an existing showerhead and tub or sink faucet.

Heavenly Portable Walk-In Tubs may use a showerhead, sink or tub faucet for filling and draining water in case there is not ready access to your homes water and drain supply lines for a Quick Connect Box.

Select a “Temporary Water Connection” from the options above and we will add a showerhead, sink or tub faucet connector with your walk-in tub order.

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Heavenly Portable Walk-In Tubs are unique among walk-in tubs. Our patented portable is designed and constructed from the finest materials available to ensure a high quality product with premium features:

  • 10 water massage jets.
  • In-line water heater keeps water warm while using the water jets.
  • Heavenly Portable Walk-In Tubs are designed to go into most homes regardless of the space available.
  • Heavenly Tubs Quick Connect Box can be installed and attached to your homes existing water and drain lines.
  • Extra-long water and drain hoses for connection to water and drain lines.
  • Extra-long power cord that is able to reach your home power outlet.
  • All other walk-in tubs on the market are designed to go where your existing tub or shower is now.
  • Avoid the mess of a costly bathroom remodel.
  • Have the security of knowing you can take your walk-in tub with you if you move.

Every Heavenly Walk-In Tub model includes the following features:

  • Gloss white premium acrylic tub surfaces.
  • Premium acrylic surfaces that are bacteria and mold resistant.
  • Acrylic walk-in tub surface is more resistant to fading and cracking.
  • Water-tight stainless steel door and door frame are guaranteed for life.
  • Door seal forms a water-tight pressure seal to guarantee no leaks.
  • Ergonomic door handle is easy to lock into place.
  • Doorway is only inches from the ground.
  • Textured slip-resistant floor to prevent accidents.
  • 15” seat height.
  • Padded backrest for added comfort.
  • Six wheels with locking castors to keep the tub in place.


Seating Capacity: One Person
Seat Height ADA Compliant 17” High
Seat Width 22.5“
Door Entry Height 8.5”
Door Width 16”
Overall Dimension L x W x H 52“L x 29”W x 39“H
Shipping Dimensions L x W x H 55”L x 32.5“W x 45.5”H
Overall Height 46”
Walk-In Tub Weight (Unoccupied) 220 lbs.
Walk-In Tub Weight (Shipping Approx.) 300 lbs.
Total Weight (Floor Loading Approx.) 780 lbs. / 75 lbs. per sq. ft.
Gallons (Unoccupied) 75 gal.
Gallons (Occupied Approx.) 40-60 gal.
Floor Drains 2 Floor Drains
Drain Time (Approx.) 80 Seconds
Safety Grab Bar(s) 2 Grab Bars
Door Location Right or Left


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Avoid the cost of a messy home remodel.
Heavenly Portable Walk-In Tubs may be used in most any room of your home and are perfect for smaller spaces or when a built-in tub is simply not an option. Heavenly Tubs are designed to give you continuous, dependable operation and years of luxurious bathing.