A bath comes with many health benefits, from pain relief to arthritis issues and many others. For many people, though, there comes a time when soaking in a hot tub might not be as comfortable. Aging can make slips and falls more likely, and can create discomfort issues for many seniors in the bathroom.

At Heavenly Walk-In Tubs, we’re here to help. Our safety tubs are perfect for those who are concerned about mobility or other safety issues but still want to enjoy a soothing bath whenever they so choose. Here are some signs it might be time for you or a loved one to consider one of our safety bathtubs:

Health or Mobility Concerns

Many people over the age of 65 are more likely to injure themselves, and the bathroom is the most common location for this. Falls or slips are most likely in the bathroom given the presence of water and slippery surfaces, and this is even more likely for people struggling with vision or balance issues.

A walk-in tub eliminates many of the worst of these concerns. It has a door for easy entry and exit, plus a sitting area for back and leg support.

Trouble Washing

If aches, pains or mobility issues are preventing you or a loved one from being able to wash properly during bathing time, this is another sign that a walk-in tub might be appropriate. Our tubs come with jets that are strategically place to allow for both comfort and bathing functionality.

Fear of Falling

Some seniors struggle with hygiene and bathing out of fear of falling. Many simply avoid bathing altogether. A walk-in tub helps soothe this anxiety while lowering the risk of these injuries. They also come with anti-slip technology, which will help with peace of mind in many cases.

For more on when it might be right to get a walk-in tub, or to find out more about any of our products, contact Heavenly Walk-In Tubs today.