Whether it’s to install a portable walk-in tub or for a number of other reasons, you might be considering making some changes or renovations to your bathroom if you’re the caregiver for a senior with mobility issues. Maybe your loved one has experienced a recent fall due to an unsafe element in the bathroom, or maybe you’re just looking to prevent against this kind of thing in advance.

At Heavenly Walk-In Tubs, we’re here to help. Our walk-in bathtubs are a perfect blend of safety and style, plus are easy to install in any bathroom without total turning the space upside down. Here are some tips we can offer on smart changes to make to the bathroom to make it easier for a senior to use safely.

Movement and Accessibility

For many seniors, pain and stiffness issues make it difficult to move around like they used to be able to. Many will use devices like a cane, walker or wheelchair to help with basic movements.

When it comes to the bathroom, this has a few distinct results. For one, ensuring you have a bathroom on the same floor as your loved one is important – many seniors struggle with going up and down stairs. For another, it’s important to consider basic accessibility and movement within the bathroom. Can seniors move around comfortably and safely? Is there room for their mobility device in the bathroom?

Tile and Floors

A common concern for seniors in the bathroom is slipping and falling, and floors play a big role here. If your bathroom has smooth, slippery tiles that may disguise moisture when it’s present, you may want to consider replacing it with a rougher form of tile that shows water more easily. Not only will seniors be at lower risk of falling on rougher surfaces, they’ll be able to see water on the ground and avoid slipping in it.

Toilet Level

Particularly for seniors with knee and leg issues, lowering onto a toilet that’s very close to the ground can be difficult or almost impossible. If you’re making upgrades to the bathroom with your loved one’s mobility in mind, consider installing a higher toilet that will allow for much more ease in sitting and standing. You’d be surprised just how much difference this can make for those who deal with leg problems.


The other big issue in slips and falls, as we noted above, is visibility – and the light in the room plays a big role here. How can your senior loved one be expected to see water on the ground if the room is lighted poorly? A well-lit bathroom helps with this and several other movement areas; it’s simply far easier to navigate a room when we can clearly see all its elements.

For more on improvements you can make to the bathroom to help with senior mobility and safety, or to learn about how our walk-in tubs can help, speak to the staff at Heavenly Walk-In Tubs today.