At Heavenly Walk-In Tubs, we’re proud to provide portable walk-in bathtub options for all seniors and those struggling with movement issues. Our tubs make the entire bathing experience that much easier and more comfortable for those who often struggle with it in a conventional bathing situation.

How do we go about installing a safety tub in your home? Whether you’re leaving this to us or helping with certain parts of a DIY install, it’s good to know a bit about how it’s done. Here are some basic steps we follow.

Things to Check

Before we can proceed with any tub installation, there will be a few things that have to be checked in the installation area. The first is simply to make sure you have the proper room for the installation – in some cases, we may have to remove the door jam to get the tub inside.

In addition, we have to check for standard plumbing hookups for your tub. Our tubs use the Quick Connect Box, which makes it simple and easy to get plumbing hooked up to your machine. In some cases, we’ll also have to install an electrical circuit dedicated to your tub.

Removing Old Features

Next, it’s time to remove any old features or plumbing from your old bathtub. We have to ensure that there aren’t any redundant parts, after all.

New Tub In Place, Leveling

From here, it’s time to put the new tub into place. This is the period when we’ll go about leveling your tub within the bathroom, which can be done easily by adjusting the feet of the new tub in simple ways.

Features and Components

Once the tub is in place, all that’s needed is to install varying features and components. There are certain hydrotherapy features that only our licensed professionals can install, and we’ll let you know about these areas.

For more on tub installation, or to learn about any of our portable tubs, speak to the experts at Heavenly Walk-In Tubs today.