In our last blog, we discussed several of the factors that go into seniors being more prone to dangerous falls as they age. This is one of the most risky areas for seniors, and one of the largest causes of both fatal and nonfatal injuries.

At Heavenly Walk-In Tubs, our portable walk-in tubs make bathing – one of the most risky areas for many seniors – a much safer process. Beyond our safety tubs, what are some other tactics you as a caretaker can utilize to help keep seniors safe from falls?

Unified Effort

Ask your loved one if they’re concerned about falling, and value their input. Many older adults recognize that falling is a risk, but don’t believe it will happen to them or don’t quite understand the full danger that might be at play. If needed, consider discussing it with a healthcare professional as well.

Health Conditions

If your loved one has any health issues, including any that require medications. Make sure they’re taking advantage of Medicare benefits, and encourage them to speak openly with their healthcare provider. All these areas can lead to improvements in balance and coordination.

Recent Eye Checkups?

If your loved one wears glasses, make sure their prescription is current and they’re using it properly. Consider that tint-changing lenses can be difficult for seniors when going from bright spaces to darker ones or vice versa, and also remember that bifocals can often be a problem on stairs.

Be Perceptive

If you notice a loved one frequently holding onto walls, furniture or even another person while walking, or if you notice common issues walking or rising from a chair, these could be signs of balance issues. It could be time to see a physical therapist, or to get a cane or a walker to improve balance.


Doing a basic walk-through safety assessment of a senior’s home can go a long way. Consider elements like lighting, stairs, bathroom safety and others. If needed, consult an occupational therapist for professional assistance.

To learn more about tips to prevent falls in seniors, or for information on any of our walk-in bathtubs, contact the experts at Heavenly Walk-In Tubs today.