There are many factors at play when it comes to choosing a portable walk-in bathtub for yourself or a loved one, and a key element here is timing. Particularly for seniors or others who may be beginning to struggle with mobility or comfort issues based on physical impediments while bathing, these products are very important – but it’s also vital to recognize the proper time to suggest or consider installing them if you’re a family member or caregiver.

At Heavenly Walk-In Tubs, we’ve helped numerous seniors, family members and caregivers with the timing aspect involved with purchasing any of our walk-in bathtubs. In this two-part blog series, we’ll go over many of the personal or family circumstances that might play a role in determining when you should purchase a portable walk-in tub, whether you’re a senior considering one or a caregiver helping care for them.

Before It’s Needed

The primary theme many should understand here: Do not wait until after you discover a need for a walk-in tub to install one. If anyone in your home, particularly those reaching older age ranges, is beginning to struggle with even minor areas of movement or comfort involved with bathing – particularly if these are impacting their balance or potential safety – you should begin considering a walk-in tub immediately.

Making the changeover in advance allows for no period of poor safety or discomfort. You might be shocked at how many senior injuries take place because they are not proactive here, and wait too long to install a walk-in tub when one is clearly needed.

Family Member Move-In

In some cases, the event that will touch off a need for a walk-in bathtub installation is a new family member moving into the home, particularly anyone older or with movement issues. Giving anyone who may struggle with bathing a place where they can bathe both safely and comfortably is a basic decency, and also assists with preventing fall and other injury risks.

Bathroom Renovation

Another period that often serves as an ideal time to consider a walk-in bathtub is if you’re remodeling your bathroom itself to begin with. Whatever the primary reason for the remodel, this is often a perfect time to just add a bit to the project, bringing in a walk-in tub as part of the re-design. For homes with individuals reaching an older age range, or even those where increased comfort are desired in the bathtub space, this is often a great way to kill two birds with one stone.

For more on the proper timing for installing a walk-in bathtub, or to learn about any of our portable walk-in tub options, speak to the staff at Heavenly Walk-In Tubs today.