Built-in Bathtub for Seniors and the Handicapped

Built-in Bathtub for Seniors and the HandicappedIf portability isn’t your biggest concern, Heavenly Walk-in Tubs offers built-in bathtubs. Even without being portable, our bathtubs for the elderly and the handicapped are still the same revolutionary product. Once you connect the water supply and drain lines, it will still function the same way as a traditional tub.

These products are best for a situation when the only space available is in the bathroom. If this is the case for you, know that our portable bathtub for the elderly and the handicapped is suited for built-in application.

Walk-in Convenience for the Elderly

The regular kind of bathtub can be dangerous to fully able adults, so you can imagine how dangerous it can be for the elderly. This is what we focused on for our portable bathtubs.

The walk-in function ensures that the tub’s user won’t have to maneuver to get in the tub. Just open the steel gate and bathe in comfort. Rest assured that the water won’t leak, and cleanup will be minimal after use.

In addition, there are safety bars and a textured surface on the floor of the tub. This wouldn’t be a complete portable bathtub for seniors and the handicapped if we weren’t able to address basic safety issues.

Ultimately, these features will make it easy to get in, get out, and move around in the tub.

Our Product, Our Work

Since we manufacture our own bathtubs, you can count on us to install them as well. This way, you can ensure that everything is done right. Our guys know our built-in bathtubs best, so they can ensure the quality of the installation and that every component is working as it should.

Don’t hesitate to call us for details about our portable bathtub for the elderly and the handicapped and help your loved ones enjoy a comfortable, relaxing bath time.

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