Accessible bathing options have a lot to offer every member of your family. From young children and teens to adults and seniors, generously sized walk-in tubs have something that everyone can enjoy. Making the decision to add a new walk-in tub to your home may seem like a significant undertaking. However, we think that once you consider the many ways that this distinctive fixture will benefit your home and family you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

Something for Everyone

Walk-in tubs are often chosen by people who have accessibility concerns within the sometimes small spaces provided by existing bathrooms. Climbing in and out of a standard bathtub may prove challenging or too time consuming. A walk-in tub accommodates users with a range of physical considerations. Older adults also often choose walk-in tubs and showers because there is less stooping, reaching, and stepping involved in accessing and using these fixtures compared to traditional tubs and showers. Furthermore, traditional tubs and showers can become very slippery when wet; walk-in tubs can help prevent serious falls.

The benefits to older adults and people with accessibility needs are obvious. Other family members can enjoy the advantages of these tubs, too. For instance:

  • People recovering from surgery, major injuries, or other health concerns will enjoy the ease of use provided by walk-in bathing options.
  • Young children learning to bathe themselves can avoid slipping.
  • Teens will enjoy having more room to stretch out than in a traditional tub.
  • Adults will appreciate the convenience, style, and comfort of walk-in tubs.

Quick and Easy Installation

Thanks to the many stylish options Heavenly Tubs has available you can find a fixture that will perfectly suit your needs and tastes. These tubs are also easy to install so you do not have to wait long until your new bathroom feature is ready for use. Our great installation team is ready to help your family realize the many benefits of these relaxing and comfortable walk-in tubs.